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On Immediacy

By Tina Christophillis

Aug 22nd 2011


Quoting Helen Frankenthaler: "A really good picture looks as if it happened at once. It's an immediate image. For my own work, when a picture looks labored and overworked, and you can read in it--well, she did this and then she did that, and then she did that--there is something in it that has not got to do with beautiful art to me. And I usually throw these out, though I think very often it takes ten of those over-labored efforts to produce one really beautiful wrist motion that is synchronized with your head and heart, and you have it, and therefore it looks as if it were born in a minute."

This quote was written by one of my favorite artists of all time, and I agree.

I think good art comes fast. The stroke of a wrist, the gesture, the impulse, as if by sweet surprise. It's not supposed to look like it was a laborious process, although it is. It's supposed to look like it came naturally, and if you stay true to the impulse, it will.

It's a long preparation for a few moments of innocence.  When you hit those truly innocent notes, after much preparation and effort, then you've got something.

True creativity can't be taught. True artistry can't be formulated, packaged and labeled. It's not that easy. You know it or you don't and that's the truth. And if you need it bad enough, if it's in your soul and you will have it no other way than to see it come alive and it's your destiny, it will. You have to be brave. You have to show up. You have to let it go.

There are no words for this release.  It is sweet and rewarding.  The results speak for themselves.



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