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Abstract Expressionism Painting Workshop

By Tina Christophillis

Jan 29th 2013

Teaching and Workshops

I am teaching an Introduction to Abstract Expressionism Painting Workshop Saturday, February 2 and 9, from 9 AM - 12 PM, at the Lambert Gray Gallery, 54 Broad St., 2nd Floor.  The workshop is open to all experience levels and will be an overview of abstract concepts and processes. 

What makes an abstract painting work?  How do I integrate these concepts into my studio practice?  How do I open myself to new creative veins while maintaining the integrity of my personal style and vision?  How do I expand my knowledge of art and grow as an artist? 

This one-day painting workshop will be an introduction to abstract expressionist painting.  Artists of this style will be introduced while a brief lecture and presentation will be given on abstract expressionism painting in art history.  Students will then make a series of small studies and experiment with the concepts introduced.  They will complete one painting inspired by their studies.

The cost of the workshop is $45 for one session and $80 for both.  First come first serve and space is limited to 6 students per session. 

Call or e-mail to register today and feel free to ask questions about the content of the class, materials to bring or anything else you are curious about.     

Materials to bring:  Acrylic or oil paint, brushes, palette knifes, jars, painting mediums, paper towels, small canvas paper or canvas panels (suggested size 9” X 12”), a medium size canvas (suggested size 16” X 20”), portable easel if you have one 

I am looking forward to a fun exploration of abstract art and hope to see you there!


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