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Albert York, “Three Red Tulips in A Landscape with Horse and Rider”

By Tina Christophillis

Aug 14th 2013


"I think we live in a paradise.  This is a Garden of Eden.  Really it is.  It might be the only paradise we ever know, and it's just so beautiful, with the trees and everything here, and you feel you want to paint it.  Put it into a design."  -Albert York

I absolutely love this Albert York painting, "Three Red Tulips in A Landscape with Horse and Rider."  I have been looking at Albert York a lot lately, and I feel there is a genuineness in his paintings that I appreciate.   This piece is weird and elegant and simple and timelessly beautiful.  I get the feeling that the artist was very deliberate with every brushstroke, with every color, with the placement of the forms.  His intention was to say as much he could with as few elements as possible, and I believe he pulled this off very lovingly.  I keep coming back to Albert York these days, and I am thinking of his influence in my own work.  I like that place in between the imaginary and the real where the art takes shape.   I am constantly seeking to go there, and to be as free of pretension as possible.  There is refinement in restraint and maturity in distilling the image to arrive at it's most clear and honest state.


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