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An Artist and An Honest Mark

By Tina Christophillis

Dec 12th 2011


I have been studying the etchings of Lucien Frued and what I find remarkable about his work is his honest mark.  This inspired me to write the following piece.

An Artist and An Honest Mark

The point is that we are always trying to be honest. 

What is important is not elegance or finesse.

What is important is honesty.

When I draw, I think of making on honest line, an honest mark.  I am capable of elegance.  I am capable of finesse and by all means I believe in beauty for the sake of beauty, love for the sake of love, art for the sake of art.  When the sun is shining let it shine, but when it all is done and said, and I think of meaning and why I’m here, it comes down to being honest. 

Honesty is the record of my life, it is the mark that tells of the fact that I was here, flesh and blood and spirit and bone, I am here, power and real, born in this moment, died in this moment, I am here, never to be lived again.  Not like this, not like now.

Let the world know I was here.  I walked this path.

Honesty is the record of a genius soul.  It’s not about elegance.  It’s not about finesse.  It’s about being honest.  That’s the challenge. 

When you are faced with truth, when you are knocked down to the point of exhaustion, when you think you can’t simply take anymore, you look in the mirror, you reach deep inside, and you ask yourself, how empty am I? How free am I from everything I think I know?  How can I shut up for once, quit bitching and moaning and whining and for the love of God stand on my own two feet and make an honest mark?

I would rather live a life of honesty and vulnerability, than settle for anything less. 

It takes a willingness to let go of everything and start at the very beginning, with nothing but your heart.


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