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Creativity is a Muscle

By Tina Christophillis

Apr 22nd 2013

Creativity is a muscle.  Desire is innate.  Creativity is something you cultivate, work at, strengthen.  Desire is the hunger, the need, the "I'm not myself if I don't do this thing".  You know it if you've got it.  You know what you want.  You know when it's real.  

Creativity, like spirituality, is a muscle.  I think they're the same thing, to be creative is to be spiritual.  We are human beings.  We work.  We sweat, we bleed, we cry.  It's not an escape, not real creativity, not real spirituality.  It's getting right to the center of the dirt, the difficulty of life, the challenge, and doing and trying and winning, not because it's perfect or right, but because you worked, you transformed a thing, you felt it.  This time you worked.  You really showed up and you know it. 

We can...

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Hi I'm Fotini 

Welcome to my blog!

I am a painter currently based in Greenville, South Carolina.  Through my work, I seek to communicate an internal narrative using traditional painting processes.  

Here you will find information about what I am working on, recollections of my process, things that inspire me. I am asking questions about art, writing letters to myself, reflecting, learning, growing, discovering.  Thank you for joining and supporting the adventure.