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Being Authentic is the Primary Intention

By Tina Christophillis

Sep 15th 2013


I think when making art it is important to be clear on why you are doing what you are doing. There are a million reasons to sit down and paint something, and just as many directions to take.  I think by understanding who you are and what you are doing and why, you can do more, you have more space to explore, to try new things and develop work in ways that are mature, vital and purposeful.

For me, being authentic is the primary intention.  Art is a way for me to be who I am.  It is as close as I have ever come to being myself.  When I am working, I feel better, I come alive and I come to understand myself.  When I make a painting that resonates with me, it feels good, it lingers, I feel myself expand.  Time ceases to exist when I am working.  It doesn't matter if it takes 15 minutes to resolve, or months and months, time does not exist.  It's more of a flowering process, a growth, an evolved state of being present and in the moment.  

I think it is important while making art to be clear on what your goals are, and to keep them simple, to the point and true to who you are.  My primary intention is to be authentic and present in the moment.  That is all that matters.  When I am, when I do this, when I hit the right notes and it comes together, then I have something.  I expand, I become bigger, stronger and more aligned with something real and true.  This is what I have come to understand, and it is my primary intention.


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