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Boston, July 2013

By Tina Christophillis

Aug 04th 2013


I recently went on a trip to Boston, MA to visit art galleries and museums.  I spent many hours in the Museum of Fine Arts and above are images of a few highlights from my journey.  

I gravitated towards a small aquamarine sculpture of Guanyin with child.  Guanyin is the Boddhisattva associated with compassion.  I found it beautiful that someone would take a piece of fine natural material and work to carve and shape a timeless image of a mother and child.  To me this symbolized the creative process, the birth of your truth, your essence, the miracle of love and what is possibile within each of us.  

A sculpture of Ganesh resonated with me.  I read that he is a god of good fortune and auspicious beginnings.  I felt a sense of possibility within the human landscape when I stood in front of this sculpture, a creative spark, a sense that anything is possible.  

I also enjoyed the work of Beth Carter at the Axele Gallery.  I love discovering a new artist that resonates with me.  It's like finding a kindred spirit and delighting in their discoveries.  Her work comes from the subconscious and the real world, playful, yet strange, intriguing, evocatively beautiful.

This was a very inspiring trip.  It was exciting to experience a taste of what the Boston art world has to offer. 


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