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Exhibition at the Coastal Community Foundation

By Tina Christophillis

Feb 06th 2012


I recently installed an exhibition of paintings and drawings at the main office of the Coastal Community Foundation located on 635 Rutledge Ave., Suite 201.  The work will be on view until April 20.

The mission of the Coastal Community Foundation is to foster philanthropy for the lasting good of the community.  They are committed to taking the broadest perspective of community, as seen through their extensive nonprofit involvement and initiatives. Ranging from arts or health-related organizations to education programming, conserving the environment, strengthening neighborhoods and satisfying human needs, they are connected to the full spectrum of charitable and nonprofit organizations.

Established in 1974, Coastal Community Foundation is a public grant making foundation fostering...

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By Tina Christophillis

Sep 07th 2011

Exhibitions Inspiration

My next art exhibit is called, "Fly".   I am working with the lovely fashion designer, Rachel Gordan, at her shop, ONE at 478 King St.  As I create new work for this show, my thoughts are along the lines of, "letting go and trusting the inner voice".  Here is a piece I wrote, as I work through the creative struggles in the search for resolution, and somehow, in the search for myself.

You create a lot and then you edit.  You create a lot you don't like and then you get to the good stuff.  That's just the way it is.  The more you let go of preconceived notion the better your work will be.  Sure it's scary but isn't that why we came to this planet earth in this human form?  Because we like the thrill.  We like the ride.  We like the struggle. 

When you are really struggling, that's...

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Hi I'm Fotini 

Welcome to my blog!

I am a painter currently based in Greenville, South Carolina.  Through my work, I seek to communicate an internal narrative using traditional painting processes.  

Here you will find information about what I am working on, recollections of my process, things that inspire me. I am asking questions about art, writing letters to myself, reflecting, learning, growing, discovering.  Thank you for joining and supporting the adventure.