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Figure Drawing

By Tina Christophillis

Feb 09th 2014

Studio Practice

The human form is a beautiful subject.  Drawing the human figure from life is a form of meditation for me.  I follow the lines, look for shadows, notice light, and whatever was happening in the day leaves, and I am in the moment.  No matter how many times I come back to the same subject, I find something, a new way to render what I see, a new understanding, a new glimpse into capturing a fleeting moment.  I hold on and see what I can do, what can I find this time.  I walk to the easel with my box of charcoals, some pastels, maybe some paint, and I investigate again the beauty of the human form.  I seek to find a timeless line, a  gesture, a glimpse into the still breathing presence before me.  I am always captivated.  The moment of needing to do it all at once, the pressure, the...

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Hi I'm Fotini 

Welcome to my blog!

I am a painter currently based in Greenville, South Carolina.  Through my work, I seek to communicate an internal narrative using traditional painting processes.  

Here you will find information about what I am working on, recollections of my process, things that inspire me. I am asking questions about art, writing letters to myself, reflecting, learning, growing, discovering.  Thank you for joining and supporting the adventure.