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Creativity is a Muscle

By Tina Christophillis

Apr 22nd 2013

Creativity is a muscle.  Desire is innate.  Creativity is something you cultivate, work at, strengthen.  Desire is the hunger, the need, the "I'm not myself if I don't do this thing".  You know it if you've got it.  You know what you want.  You know when it's real.  

Creativity, like spirituality, is a muscle.  I think they're the same thing, to be creative is to be spiritual.  We are human beings.  We work.  We sweat, we bleed, we cry.  It's not an escape, not real creativity, not real spirituality.  It's getting right to the center of the dirt, the difficulty of life, the challenge, and doing and trying and winning, not because it's perfect or right, but because you worked, you transformed a thing, you felt it.  This time you worked.  You really showed up and you know it. 

We can change our perception of power.  Eradicating, denying or avoiding the beast inside is not the answer.  It's rather a refinement process of that big bad thing that we must go through.   We must tell it what to do, make friends with it, get to know it, learn to work with it, figure out how to use it.  Yes, using that beast and making it do something beautiful.  I think this is possible.  I think this is love.  I think this is what the Buddha sought, what all seekers seek.  Taking the "shit" and doing something awesome.  Being a supernova when the world says, "NO".  That takes getting to know yourself.  That takes spending time with the thing you are avoiding.  Yes I'm talking about the negativity, the fear, the doubt, we've all got it.  And I'm also talking about your dreams, your power, your voice.  You have to transform the fear.  You have to learn to use it.  That takes meeting resistance head on and shaping it.... using the tension, creating...

It doens't have to be hard.  Go gently, go easy, go inside, and feel yourself and work, make something. 

I don't think it's not knowing that we are afraid of.  I think it's not ever trying that scares us.  I think it's wasting our time that we are most afraid of.  And I think it's that we know we are doing it that frightens us most of all.  I think it's sitting around and lying when we know what we want, when we know what is true, that absolutely terrifies us.  What if we wasted our life?  What if we didn't do the thing we wanted to do?  What if we died unsatisfied and we knew it?

That's what we're afraid of.

Creatiivty is a muscle.  That's one thing I've learned.  There is freedom in the work.  

Create and Live.


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