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Guts vs. Details

By Tina Christophillis

Sep 13th 2011


What people aren't going to see are the details.  What people are going to see is the soul of the piece.  Why worry about details, when they don't matter?  Why waste your time?  Get into your guts and paint like you've got soul.   Be bold and big and real.

Worrying about the details will cause you so much anxiety that you create failure.  Failure is not really giving yourself the chance to explore anything.  Failure is giving up too soon.  Failure is sabotaging the brilliant work that you do when you are actually working from your guts with the fear that it's "not done".  Failure is not ever beginning because you don't have time or the right materials or you're skills aren't sharp enough or whatever excuse your mind makes up.  Failure is doing your laundry when you could be painting, when you feel it in your guts to paint, when you want to so bad but no, you've got to do this "thing".  Whatever this "thing" is, it's not as important as what is in your guts to do, what is in your soul.  That's the stuff that matters.  That's what people want to see, even though it's not about what people want to see.  It's about exhiliration and release for yourself and only for yourself.  Regardless, I guarantee that's what people want to see, and it's definitely what you want to create.  Brilliance.  Magic.  Power.  All rolled up into one big burst of energy you let out straight from your guts. 

If you worry about the details, you set yourself up for having a miserable experience.  Nothing will ever be good enough if your intent is to get every detail "right".  There is no right, there is no wrong.  There is magic or no magic.  You've got it or you don't, and you know it either way. 

Painting from your soul is an experience of being intensely alive.  You're not thinking about anything at all.  You're feeling, you're going in the direction of a greater power and you love it.

How do you do this?  Well, I can't teach you.  If I'm lucky you'll pick up on it in my paintings.  If I'm lucky I'll get there.  If I'm lucky I'll get out of my head and into my guts and make some real art.  That's what I'm going for. 

I'm letting go of the details and this is why.  I've decided the world needs more brilliance.  I've decided that at any given moment, I'm ready for it, no matter what the circumstance.  I'll jump in, and I'll sort it out. 

It takes guts, and a willingness to begin.  If you have an understanding of this, you'll see it through to a resolution.



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