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Let’s Talk About Beauty

By Tina Christophillis

Feb 14th 2012


Let's talk about beauty.  Let's talk about what makes you come alive.  Let's talk about the heart beating inside of you.  

What is your heart's desire?  What is joy?  What is beauty?

Let's talk about beauty.  Let's investigate what this means.  Let's create a new space for which you are safe to explore the possibilities.  Let's go one step further into a personal territory that only you know, only you have access to, only you can understand.  

To me, beauty is beginner's mind, simplicity, elegance, freedom.  Beauty is riding a horse and feeling the rush of wind on your face.  It is the joy of discipline, the surge of emotion, the unexpected wave of passion.

Beauty can also be strange, painful and disturbing.  It holds a lesson, a gem, a story, deep within a resevoir that may hurt to enter.  Beauty is your heart breaking, to pieces, to pieces.

And then you wake, evolve, walk stronger than before.


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