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Seeking to Find

By Tina Christophillis

Oct 16th 2013


"To find is the thing." -Pablo Picasso

I have been studying the work of Picasso lately.  There is never a dull moment when looking at Picasso's work.  I revisit the same paintings over and over again and they always hold my interest, captivate me in a new way.  And there is always more work to discover.  As I do, I never cease to be amazed.  I always find something new that hits a chord within me. 

I suppose that's what great art does.  Makes you come back time and time again to discover something as if were the first time.  Always wondering, always growing, always seeing fresh and anew.  And I am reminded of why I am making art, what I seek to achieve, why I keep searching, what I want.

Picasso declared after painting Guernica upon the end of the Second World War, "No, painting is not interior decoration.  It is an instrument of war, for attack and for defense against the enemy."  After his homeland Spain was attacked he was moved intensely to express his feeling.  Art was a way to transcend circumstances, to not be trampled upon, to stand firm.  It was a language unique unto it's own.  It was his force, his spiritual resonance.  

What makes Picasoo so unique and such a genuis, is his relentless pursuit of invention.  As if he were possessed, by a need to find something, not knowing what it was, not caring what others thought, totally immersed in the moment.  He surrendered himself to art, completely purposeful and sure.  He was an inventor, a truth seeker, a fire and a beacon of light. He was not an interior decorator.  He was a new kind of artist. 

And this is why I love Picasso and he continues to influence me, and I'm sure always will.  It's as if he's somehow giving me permission subconsciously to do the same.  In this way, he's allowing me and other artists whom he speaks to, to go forth, surrender to what you seek to know, search to articulate the feeling, create from a magical, intuitive sense of purpose and life.  

He's a real artist and he set in motion new paths for artists generations to come to follow.  He did it merely by being true to himself, by honoring his feelings, his hunches, his unique sensabilities.  It takes a special kind of person to jump off the edge and make something from your imagination, from your unwavering sense of creative enthusiasm and freedom. 

I see joy and truth in Picasso's work.  There is beauty in the honesty, even through phases of melancholy and despair.  I see someone who spent an entire lifetime every single minute, searching for truth, seeking to express himself, his feeling, and his vision.

If art is a lie, if it is a portal into imagined worlds, departing from reality and definable sense perception, I think it's as honest as anything will ever get.  I think if you are ever going to trust something your art will be it.  If you are ever going to allow yourself to expand into a space above circumstance and quantifiable measure, this is the way.  Art is your language.  Art is your world, your portal, your space to be who you trully are.  It is my intention to find this for myself.  As Picasso did, seek to be who I am, seek to discover joy and truth, seek to find, whatever it may be, with enthusiasm and freedom.

I'm looking for my own language.  I think not knowing is the beauty of it all.  It makes the discoveries that much more sweet and meaningful, to be continuously amazed by the brilliant surprise, the rapture of experience.


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