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These Images Follow Me

By Tina Christophillis

May 13th 2012


These images follow me.  These ideas, I hold onto them.  I wait for the right time to feed them, to give them life.  It is the thing that sustains me.  I understand that my only responsibility as an artist is to follow my intuition, to follow my gut.  That means showing up, which is a tough job if you’re used to running away, which a lot of people are.

These images sustain me.  They confirm my life.  Without them, I can’t say who I would be or why.  My very existence would be futile, like scrambling to make something happen, a dollar short, a minute too late.

The only thing that I can possibly understand is taking the risk to be honest, to be present, to make the decision to act in integrity.

Artists understand that if they are not doing this they are wasting their time, they are literally killing themselves.

All real artists know that their job isn’t to know the answers, or what they will be doing at this time or on that day or for whatever reason but that their job is to be the music, to be the image, to be the sentence that somehow describes everything just right.

Real artists can’t talk about what they are working on.  If they do, they will die, and they know it.  The only thing real artists can do is to make real art.  Anything less would be death.

There is a lot to be said for following your intuition.  Lucky are the ones who know this.  Blessed are the ones who live it.  Redemptive is the act of actually owning it.

These images follow me.  They always have and they always will.  I knew from the beginning they would.  I welcomed them like noble friends sitting around my throne, the only home I ever had, the only feeling of recognition and truth I ever respected.  These images will never leave me.  If I am lucky I will release them to the world in a way that makes sense.  My God, I hope I do it.  That’s all I hope for.  That’s all I can even say.


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