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What is an image?

By Tina Christophillis

Sep 08th 2011


I have been thinking about what an image is.  The word "iconography" comes to mind.  I love this word.  I like the idea of being an "iconographer", and I think it's a very important job.  I think an image is a powerful way to understand who we are and what we feel.  An image is a portal into a space in which one can always go.  An image is timeless.  I think artists are very valuable and talent should never be overlooked. 

An image is a window into the soul.  My concern is to illuminate through process and media, the radiance, vision and spiritual power of what is within.  I make images to stir a dialogue of energy that transmutes through the body.  It is not for entertainment.  It is to awaken a deep and powerful call of my spirit.  I use metaphors to begin the process.  I create with my intent and surrender to a dance that is the flow of magic.  The ingredients for this alchemy come from different sources, agents and sensations.  I rely on my intuition to lead the way, and I trust the flow to carry me to a new world. 

I hope to find an audience who awakens with me.  I hope my art helps people find their direction more clearly.  I hope it manifests the truth that we are all apart of.

If you are interested in making an image, telling a story, singing a song, here is what I say to you:  Open your book and write your story now.  It is never too soon to begin.  There is nothing you need but the willingness to begin.  Use the fear and the doubt as your allies.  Burn the feul and work through anything and everything in your way until you find your truth alive and deeply secure.  You are safe. 




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