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What is Inspiration?

By Tina Christophillis

Oct 14th 2013


"Inspiration exists but it has to find you working."  -Pablo Picasso

What is inspiration?

A lightning bulb flash.  A deep bit of inner truth.  An emotional expression.  Beauty.  Love. Tenderness. 

Does an artist feel all of this every time they are in the studio? 

I'd say that's not always the case.  It's not always sexy.  It's not always glamorous.  It's not always juicy. 

And I don't think any artist ever goes skipping to the studio first thing in the morning.  

I'd say it's good ol' fashioned hard work. 

That's what it is.  

Believing that inspiration will lead the way will only hold you back.  But I'll tell you that the inspiration comes.  It comes when you least expect it.  Like love, like all fine things.  It comes when you're ready.  It comes when you deserve it.

Life rewards hard work.  Life rewards courage.  Life rewards resiliency.  

With inpsiration.  With truth, beauty, sexiness, the real good stuff.  

But you've got to show up when you least feel like it.  You've got to put your work boots on, get dirty, force yourself.  You've got to have the will.  

And you must be consistent.  

You must go through the awkward phases, make the bad paintings, feel the pressure. 

All of these things will stoke the fire of need and desire, and that's what makes true art.  That's what you're showing up for, that's why you keep showing up, that's why you started, that's why you've held on. 

For true art.  For truth and beauty.  For inspiration and love.  For deep soul desire. 

So go to work and make it a habit.  Do what you've got to do to do it and the work will reward you.  You've got to have faith.  

The magic will come out of you like a soul surprise, and it won't compare to anything else. Trust.  That is the greatest gift.


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