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What will you do today that’s creative?

By Tina Christophillis

Aug 23rd 2012

There’s no right or wrong way to make art.  There are various degrees of intention, focus and experience.  Essentially, it’s how you do what you do and how often that matters.  

So if you’re afraid of making a mistake, well you needn’t be because there’s no such thing.  Or maybe reframe the way you view mistakes.  Get excited about making mistakes.  

Art making is an experience, and if you explore you’re bound to figure something out, find some bit of joy, some marvel of your own.

Just jump in.  You’re going to grow one way or another, and that’s the reason why you’re doing this.  It’s an exploration. 

Imagine your most genuine self at the beginning of an adventure.  If you launch from this place you’re bound to find delight. 

What are your goals with making art?  How about eliminating goals.  Do it for the process and that’s all.  It’s about the sensual magic that begins the minute you make a decision.

Choice is redemptive after all, and it’s all about the process.  You can be sure you’ll be pleased with the results if you understand the entire point of making art is to sink into your own process.  And it has to be personal.

What are you going to do today that’s creative?  Where will you jump?  Where are you launching from?

Have courage and launch.  There’s nowhere to go but into the realm of infinite possibility.  I’ll guarantee you’ll like the experience, even if you're struggling.  I have a theory that when you're struggling, that's when things are going well, that's when you're growing.

Create and Live.  That's the point.




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