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Why I Make Art

By Tina Christophillis

Jul 20th 2011


"She's got everything she needs.  She's an artist, she don't look back."   -Bob Dylan

Art is a need of the soul.  It is not fun.  There is a difference between need and fun.  Passion is a vehichle from which one executes this need.  It is not the need.  I am passionate about a lot of things.  I am passionate about art, but being passionate is not the need.  Art is not "my passion".  It is a need.  Discipline is also a vehicle, as is dedication.  But they are not the need.  Art as "passion", art as "discipline" is different from art as "need".  Need is "myself", a way to be who I am.  There is a distinction.

Essentially, it is an expression of the "higher self", whatever your understanding of that is.

When I tell people that I'm an artist and they say, "that sounds like fun", I think to myself, it's really not fun.  Going to the beach is fun.  Dancing at a concert is fun.  Listening to your favorite music while eating trail mix on a road trip to the mountains is fun.  Camping with your closest friends is fun.  Making art is not fun.   It is a need, a need of the soul.

When the artist is exhilirated, that is when the work becomes timeless.  It doesn't matter the content of the piece.  It doesn't matter what you have to say.  What matters is whether or not you were exhilirated, whether or not you have come alive, whether or not the work breathes and sustains a life of it's own.  What is important is if you are in the "flow", and you know it when you are. 

I don't make art because I think it's "cool" or "fun".  I have thought many times, why have I become an artist?  Couldn't I have chosen an easier path? 

The answer is, I didn't choose it.  It chose me, and if I don't do it, if I don't listen to the call, the need, I shrivel up and die.  Simple as that.  That's a great determination factor as to whether or not you should make art and commit your life to it.   And when I say art, I mean, you're souls needs.  Your art, your creation, can manifest in a variety of ways.  It can be anything.  You should always go with what you are most attracted to, what excites you.  Your heart doesn't lie.  This is the calling of your spirit.  When you are exhilirated while doing it, then that is what it is and that is what you should do. 

Art is not fun.  It is a need.  You do it or you don't.  You create or you die.  Simple.

Art is exhilirating.  When you are in the flow, there is nothing comparable.  That is the goal, and that is the only goal.

"It is when I am doing my work, that I am most alive."  --Alberto Giacometti


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