Fotini Christophillis

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Artist Statement

"I am interested in creating a dream-like narrative, exploring the realms of the imaginary, delving into the subconscious with spontaneity and emotional truth.  While doing so, I always seek to have an anchor in reality.  I want this anchor to be precise and clear.  The tension between the ground in reality and the exploration of the imaginary holds the viewers attention and creates ambiguity, intrigue, and mystery.  This tension I am always seeking to master and articulate.  

My work is about asking questions.  The questions drive my process.  I am trying to find something.  I begin with a feeling, an interest in discovery that launches me forward step by step.  I feel the more clearly I uncover a question, the more clearly I have found something.  It is this question where the art lives, breathes and takes form.


It presents a knowing without knowing recognition that holds a particular energy and scope of vision.  As an artist, I believe my work exists to provoke and suggest, to point the viewer into a direction.  What happens then is a purely individual experience relevant to each viewers needs, desires and willingness to engage."


-Fotini Christophillis, 2014


Fotini Christophillis received her BA in Studio Art and Arts Management from the College of Charleston in 2008. In 2009, she received the Lowcountry Quarterly Arts Grant as an individual artist to present the group exhibit Delete Apathy: Promoting Environmental Action in collaboration with the Coastal Conservation League, and then again in 2011 to present the inter-disciplinary project "You Are Safe" as part of the PIccolo Spoleto Festival.  What lies behind her recent work is a desire to explore issues of self-inquiry and man's relationship to the natural world using metaphorical and intuitive narratives.  Currently she works from a studio space in Greenville, South Carolina.